Three Family Members Indicted for Elder Abuse and Neglect

Elder neglect occurs when someone does not fulfill their obligation to care for and meet the needs of an older person. Elder neglect, which often accompanies elder abuse, can happen in a long-term care facility. And it can take place at home. Elder neglect can be committed by a paid caregiver — or, as in this report out of Maryland, by an unpaid family members…

Medical staff at the hospital reported the victim, Mary Jane Baker, was malnourished, neglected and suffered from multiple sores from her shoulders down to her feet, according to charging documents.

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What’s particularly disturbing about this case is that the perpetrators accused of elder neglect and abuse are the victim’s husband, daughter and granddaughter. The 83-year-0ld victim was bedridden. News reports have not indicated if drug or alcohol use, or mental illness — common traits among elder abusers — was a contributing factor.