The Personal Price Seniors Pay for Medicare Scams and Fraud

Medicare fraud scams are spreading like wildfire. But most people do not understand how dangerous Medicare fraud really is — until Medicare refuses to pay for vital services or equipment that you or your aging parent or grandparent really need.

That’s what happened to one elderly man in Chicago when he tried to buy a wheelchair, and was informed by Medicare that he’d already bought one…

Someone had used the man’s Medicare number to submit an invoice for an expensive wheelchair and cashed in when Medicare paid $4,487, according to records that Davis subsequently obtained. It’s not clear who that individual was or whether the equipment was ever delivered.

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Medicare fraud is NOT a victimless crime. Not when every dollar that is stolen by scammers is one less dollar that can pay for legitimate Medicare claims. And not when Medicare fraud delays or denies you or an elderly family member from getting the benefits you are counting on.

For more info on how to protect, detect, and report Medicare Fraud, check out the Senior Medicare Patrol, a volunteer organization sponsored by the Administration on Aging.