Senior Scam Alert: Warmer Weather Breeds Door-to-Door A/C Scammers

Now that the weather is heating up many homeowners are beginning to think about staying cool. Naturally, scammers who target the elderly are taking advantage of rising temperatures to put a seasonal twist on an old scam.

In Kentucky, law enforcement is warning seniors to beware of two door-to-door thieves who pose as contractors offering estimates for new heating and air conditioning units.

Once inside…one of the male subjects will distract the victim while the other male subject goes around measuring the residence. While pretending to take the measurements, that male subject is taking jewelry and any other valuable items.

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Of course, this senior scam is nothing more than another variation of the classic “distraction” scam. And the best way not to fall for it is not to open the door to strangers, regardless of the “great deal” they promise for trimming your trees, painting your house, paving your driveway, or replacing your windows.

Senior scammers who target elderly homeowners will say anything to get you to open the door. Some will claim to be doing work for a neighbor. Some will claim to be making an emergency call for the gas or electric company. And some will prey on your trust and generosity by asking for donations for disaster relief or charities.

Seniors who live alone are favorite targets because elderly persons tend to be more social, trusting, and generous. But the goal is always the same: One thief keeps you busy while the other forages in all the places you are most likely to keep valuables.