Safety Tracking Devices for Elderly with Alzheimer’s

Wandering, or becoming lost and disoriented is a constant threat for an aging parent or elderly loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. All too often a lost elderly relative cannot identify themselves, where they live, or the name of a caregiver or family member. And many times, they are found dead from exposure.

The national Alzheimer’s Association estimates that six in 10 people with the disease or another form of dementia will wander at some point. Experts who work with people with failing memories say families should take steps to protect them…

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Start by purchasing a Safe Return bracelet, which stores vital identification and contact info in a national database. You can purchase a Safe Return bracelet endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Association┬áhere. For additional peace of mind, another option is a personal tracking transmitter from Project Lifesaver or SecuraTrac.