Nursing Home Administrator Arrested for Financial Elder Abuse

It’s not surprising that older adults who suffer from Alzheimer’s are prime targets for elder abuse and financial elder abuse. Predatory caregivers are betting that any claims of abuse by a person with dementia are likely to be ignored or dismissed.

That’s the reason no one believed a financial elder abuse victim in Georgia when he told family members someone at the nursing home was stealing his money…

In the end, the family learned that he was telling the truth – that the administrator of an Athens area nursing home was taking his money, and his brother’s…… ”My uncle with Alzheimer’s had said someone was stealing his money all along, but we just brushed it off because we thought it was just in his mind.”

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Turns out that the perpetrator wasn’t some lower-level nursing aid. It was the administrator of the Winterville Retirement Center, Sherrye Dianne Huff, who was arrested and charged with five felony counts.

Apparently, Huff’s alleged crimes are part of an epidemic of abuse at the Winterville, Ga., long-term care facility. Not only is Huff accused of stealing money from other residents. Another employee was recently charged with punching an Alzheimer’s patient in the face. Still another employee is accused of stealing a patient’s meds. All of these incidents occurred within a 3 month time period.