Medicare Scam Prevention: Always Review Medicare Statements Promptly

Have you checked your Medicare Summary Notice statement recently? If you haven’t, do it now. A lot of medicare fraud goes undetected for the simple reason that too many seniors don’t bother to look for strange or questionable Medicare charges on their statements.

One of the more common health-insurance frauds involves durable medical equipment such as a motorized scooter or walkers. Medicare may be billed fraudulently for services or equipment that were never authorized by a medical doctor or billed for equipment that was never received. Or a corrupt provider may submit a bogus Medicare claim form with an unauthorized signature of a doctor.

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Think that Medicare fraud doesn’t affect you just because the money isn’t coming out of your personal bank account? You may feel differently when your claim for a wheelchair or walker is denied because some scammer has already charged that critical equipment to your account.

Your Medicare account information can be just as valuable to an identify thief as a credit card number. Guard it like gold — especially from telemarketers pitching “free” medical supplies or services like blood sugar tests. And be sure to open and review your Medicare Summary Notice statements when they arrive. Report any suspicious billing activity to Medicare’s fraud hotline at 800-447-8477.