Key Safety Tips to Avoid Nursing Nursing Home Neglect

Want to increase the odds that you or your aging parent is NOT neglected at a long-term care facility? One of the most important considerations is to make sure that the facility is near family and friends…

…residents who are visited regularly by involved and inquisitive family members generally receive better care. Residents who are isolated from family, and who do not have strong-voiced advocates, are more likely to be overlooked.

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Make it your business to know and record the name of any caregiver who has contact with you or your aging parent. Ask questions. Take notes.  And make it a point to review your elderly loved one’s medications for correct dosage and warnings about interactions with other meds. Your goal is to make it known that the elderly person in the bed comes with a lot of people who are actively concerned about their health and welfare.

For more advice on what to look for when considering a long-term care facility, check out these tips from “Neglected to Death,” — a gut-wrenching investigative report by The Miami Herald that exposes conditions in Florida’s assisted living facilities.