Guilty! Another Caregiver Convicted of Financial Elder Abuse

A former caregiver has been convicted of financial elder abuse through forgery and fraud for stealing from a 74-year old stoke victim from Long Beach, Calif.

Li Ching Liu, also known as Susan Liu, had been wanted by police for more two years when she turned herself in last August…

Police and prosecutors alleged Liu stole more than $4 million from the victim and abused the elderly victim, including withholding food to make her comply, after the victim hired Liu to help her following a massive stroke in 2002.

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Liu’s victim was unmarried, with no children, and had gained a fortune through commercial real estate when Liu began isolating her from extended family and business associates.

She then began withdrawing large amounts of cash, much of which was given to her boyfriend and son, both of whom were also convicted of financial elder abuse. Liu was also accused of selling a strip mall owned by the victim and using the proceeds to buy herself a jewelry, a Porche, and a house.

Despite the accusations, the jury found this predatory caregiver guilty of ONLY stealing less than $1 million from her victim’s savings.┬áLiu will be sentenced on May 27.