Free Resource On How to Help Elderly Drivers

For many elderly drivers, it takes an accident to convince them that it’s no longer safe for them to get behind the wheel. And sometimes, that’s also what it takes to convince their family, too…

“The problem we usually see is that adult kids of adult parents don’t want to necessarily take away driving privileges because, then who’s going to help Mom or Dad get to the grocery store, get to a doctor’s office, and the adult child is working or may or may not live in the same city…”

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The hard fact is that when an aging parent gives up the keys, it often means that everyone in the family must also learn to cope with the new reality. No parent wants to feel like a burden to their children. And no child wants to limit their parent’s independence.

The American Automobile Association offers a fantastic resource to help you and your aging parent manage this delicate transition. Download your free copy of “How to Help an Older Driver: A Guide for Planning Safe Transportation” here.