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Four CNAs Fired for Outrageous Nursing Home Abuse

Imagine someone told your elderly mother that she was going to die in a nursing home because her family didn’t love her. Now imagine that the “person” who said this was the certified nursing assistant at the nursing home where your mother was a resident.

That’s exactly what a certified nursing assistant at the Masconomet Healthcare Center in Topsfield, Mass., has been accused of doing. In fact, it’s just ONE of many despicable acts of elder abuse and neglect that got four CNAs fired at the facility.

The report says four certified nursing assistants routinely engaged in sexually explicit and offensive taunting of patients, sometimes about their physical or mental condition…. A woman patient with short-term memory loss was driven to tears by repeated requests to recount past domestic abuse… One patient, suffering from dementia, was recorded on a cell phone answering a series of questions from a nursing assistant… who can be heard laughing at the patient’s confused responses. That CNA went on to share the video with others at the facility.

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According to the Department of Public Health report, seven other employees knew about the repeated elder abuse but did not report it. And when one employee did try to report an incident to a nurse, she was told to “mind her own business.”

The facility’s lawyer says that the administrator and the Director of Nursing have been replaced and workers will be retrained. But don’t expect the perpetrator’s or the nursing home to get off so easy. The outrageous and deplorable nature of this elder abuse is likely to bring criminal charges and prosecution by the state’s Attorney General.


Deadly Elder Abuse Brings Murder Charges, $100,000 Fine for Nursing Home

It’s hard to think of a more terrifying case of felony elderly abuse: A nursing home worker caught in the act of smothering an elderly bed-ridden resident to death with a pillow. But that’s why Maximo Hong Fajardo Jr. is facing trial for the murder of 87-year-old Barbara McIver of San Francisco…

…another certified nursing assistant saw Fajardo standing on the right side of the resident’s bed with a “pillow over the resident’s face,” the report said. When he raised the pillow, she saw his fingers “pinching the resident’s nose.” When she screamed “what are you doing?” he ran from the building.

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It’s a nightmare straight out of a horror film — a “sum of all fears” for aging parents who are determined to age safely at home as long as possible.

The California Department of Public Health has fined the San Francisco Nursing Center $100,000 after an investigation found the nursing home responsible for “a systemic failure” to “monitor, supervise and evaluate Fajardo’s hiring, training, and orientation process.”

The report also found that the nursing home was aware that Fajardo did not have any experience working with the elderly in any kind of care facility. Even so, after a two-week orientation and training period, Fajardo was assigned to provide care for 7 patients without any direct supervision. That was his very first day on the job, and the day he allegedly murdered his elderly victim by smothering her face with a pillow.

You can check out the official incident report from the California Department of Public Health here.


Nursing Home Criminal Background Checks Offer False Sense of Security

If you are evaluating long-term care facilities for an aging parent, ask if management runs criminal background checks on all their employees. But don’t let a “yes” answer give you a false sense of secruity.

That’s because nursing homes in 33 states only run criminal background checks for their own states — not national checks. Which means that it’s way too easy for someone with a criminal background to get a nursing home job in a different state.

But even criminal background check advocates say that lack of a national system is just part of the problem. According to one district attorney from Massachusetts…

…background checks aren’t a silver bullet against elder abuse. ”They do not solve the problem of abuse of senior citizens. [If a nursing home] runs a background check and it turns out the employee has no criminal record, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to potentially abuse somebody… The most important thing you can do to protect nursing home patients is to make sure your staff is adequately monitored and supervised. It’s not who you hired — it is protecting your patients.”

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Still, a mandatory national criminal background check system is a step in the right direction towards protecting older Americans from nursing home abuse and financial elder abuse. Especially in light of the recent U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services report that 92 percent of U.S. nursing homes have at least one convicted criminal on staff.


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: “Like you dropped down into Hell”

This is a nursing home abuse and neglect story that will keep you awake at night — PRAYING that you or your aging parent will never experience the elderly abuse and neglect that Una Rosekind lived through…

…She was placed in front of a blaring TV, where she sat in her wheelchair for hours, blocked from leaving by another patient placed in front of her…. During the night, she said she rang the buzzer to get help using the bathroom, but nobody came… The following morning, she said she continued to press her buzzer… She missed breakfast and only got help after a maintenance worker heard her yelling…

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Una Rosekind’s nightmare at the Schervier Nursing Care Center started when she was transferred from the first floor rehab unit to the third-floor long-term care ward. She originally entered the facility to recover from a broken back.

Click here to read more about her ordeal — and how the nursing home schemed to keep her as a paying patient.

Fair warning: don’t do it before you go to bed.


Minnesota Bill Adds Elder Abuse to State’s Offender Registry

Lawmakers in Minnesota are on the verge of making it easier to track nursing home workers who are convicted of violating the state’s Criminal Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult laws.

“Sadly we’re finding that there’s been an increase in abuse of our elderly, and those that maybe either have mental health issues, or simply have physical disabilities…We have to step up our game in Minnesota to address this rise in abuse…”

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Long-term care workers convicted of elder abuse would be automatically be added to the Minnesota Predatory Offender Registry. And that’s where they belong. Elder abusers are criminal predators. And the easier it is to track them, the safer you or your aging parents will be.

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