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Long-Term Care Insurance: Avoiding Claim Denials for Aging Parents

Long-term care insurance policies are notoriously complex. Not only is it difficult to sort out all the variables to choose the right policy in the first place. But it can also be challenging if you or your aging parent’s claim is denied.

When compared with modern-day coverage, some policies issued 20 years ago have tougher requirements, such as mandatory hospital stays, before benefits are paid out. As a result, even those with severe disabilities, including Alzheimer’s patients, may have trouble filing claims.

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Want to avoid unexpected long-term care insurance claim denials? Before you purchase a long-term care policy, make sure you understand the all-important fine print. And consider hiring a professional geriatric care manager who has experience helping clients prepare and file long-term care insurance claims. Need more firepower to fight a denied claim? You can find a national database of elder law attorneys here.