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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: “Like you dropped down into Hell”

This is a nursing home abuse and neglect story that will keep you awake at night — PRAYING that you or your aging parent will never experience the elderly abuse and neglect that Una Rosekind lived through…

…She was placed in front of a blaring TV, where she sat in her wheelchair for hours, blocked from leaving by another patient placed in front of her…. During the night, she said she rang the buzzer to get help using the bathroom, but nobody came… The following morning, she said she continued to press her buzzer… She missed breakfast and only got help after a maintenance worker heard her yelling…

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Una Rosekind’s nightmare at the Schervier Nursing Care Center started when she was transferred from the first floor rehab unit to the third-floor long-term care ward. She originally entered the facility to recover from a broken back.

Click here to read more about her ordeal — and how the nursing home schemed to keep her as a paying patient.

Fair warning: don’t do it before you go to bed.


Shocking But True Case of Elder Abuse and Neglect in Florida

Disgusting. That’s the only way to describe this story out of elder abuse and neglect out of Florida…

A Pensacola man accused of leaving his mother, who needs help caring for herself, home alone while he attended a college football championship game has been sentenced to 24 months of probation.

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Apparently, this “caregiver” thought it would be okay to leave his 88-year old mother, who suffers from dementia and bad hearing, alone while he left town for a football game?

And it’s not like he didn’t thing ahead: He left posters around the home instructing his mother how to take care of herself and find her way around the house. Oh, and he left food in the refrigerator. So thoughtful.

In fact, he was such a good son, that when he called home and his mother didn’t answer, he called the police to check on her. Which is how he ended up in court. The police had to break into the house, where they found his mother in alive in bed. Lucky for her — and him.


How Eldercare Mediators Can Help Keep Aging Parents Safe

It’s normal for adult children to have different ideas about the best way to care for aging parents. But when those disagreements become roadblocks to making decisions that are in your parent’s best interest, consider getting help from an eldercare mediator…

Elder mediators help clients resolve conflicts that arise over a variety of issues, from how to share an inherited vacation home to whether Mom should turn over the car keys and who should arrange for transportation.

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When families are faced with caring for an aging parent, lingering childhood resentments and strained sibling relationships often get in the way.

In extreme cases, festering family grudges can become very real threats to your parent’s safety in the form of elder abuse, neglect, or financial elder abuse. This is especially true if family members cannot agree on how to share caregiving, fail to support a single caregiver, or do not make sure that someone is regularly checking in on mom or dad at home or at a long-term care facility.

If your family needs expert help work through difficult decisions about caring for your aging parents, consider hiring an eldercare mediator. Click here to find a qualified, experienced eldercare mediator near you.


Death from Alleged Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Prompts Lawsuit

For family members of loved ones in long-term care facilities, making sure an aging parent, spouse, or grandparent is being treated properly can be exhausting. But the price of assuming that all is well can be catastrophic.

Take the case of Dennis Lee Haney, who is suing a California nursing home for alleged elderly neglect and abuse after the death of his 78-year-old mother. His complaint reads, in part…

“She was neglected and without care or attention, without assistance in feeding or toileting, and was left without medication for a diagnosed urinary infection until she became confused and incoherent…. her cries of pain and for assistance prompted no response from defendants, who had allocated knowingly inadequate resources to provide proper staffing…

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The MOMENT you suspect an aging parent or loved one may be a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, say something! Do not hesitate! Report the suspected nursing home neglect or abuse to the proper authorities.

And don’t wait patiently for someone to get back to you. Your aging parent doesn’t have the luxury of time. You need action now! And you may need to hire an experienced elderly advocate to get your loved one the care they need.


Repeated Sepsis or Septic Shock May Indicate Nursing Home Neglect

If your aging parent or loved one is having recurring problems with sepsis or septic shock, it may be a sign of severe nursing home neglect or abuse.

“Can you imagine lying in urine-soaked clothing or soiled clothing for hours, or even a day? We fear this is happening to literally tens of thousands of US nursing home patients each day, and if lack of treatment issues are not addressed, the loved one, Mom, or Dad will die from this.”

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Sepsis is a dangerous infection that can occur if caregivers are not keeping your aging parent or loved one clean — and a classic sign of elderly neglect. Click here for more information or to report suspected nursing home neglect or abuse with The Nursing Home Complaint Center.

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