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New Research Finds Elder Abuse Victims Often Abuse Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is dangerous at any age. But among the elderly, alcoholism often goes untreated or unrecognized. Older drinkers aren’t bar hoppers. They tend to drink at home, and they usually drink alone. Even worse: Elderly drinkers often mix alcohol with multiple prescription drugs.

Now research has identified another serious health hazard associated with elderly alcohol abuse — severe traumatic elder abuse…

Not only are the perpetrators ofᅠelder abuseᅠoften linked to alcohol abuse, US researchers say their victims also are more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs. Lead author Lee Friedman of the University of Illinois at Chicago

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Dealing with elderly alcohol abuse is difficult even under the best of circumstances. Lifelong drinkers often take a “what’s the point?” attitude towards intervention as they get older.

Detecting alcoholism in an aging parent who never had a history of excessive drinking is even more challenging.ᅠSigns of alcohol abuse are often mistaken for other signs of aging. And if your mother never had a problem and says that failing vision is the reason she keeps hitting her head, it’s easy to believe.

Does your aging parent or loved one have an alcohol or substance abuse problem? Here are some warning signs to look for and tips on getting help.