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Deadly Elder Abuse Brings Murder Charges, $100,000 Fine for Nursing Home

It’s hard to think of a more terrifying case of felony elderly abuse: A nursing home worker caught in the act of smothering an elderly bed-ridden resident to death with a pillow. But that’s why Maximo Hong Fajardo Jr. is facing trial for the murder of 87-year-old Barbara McIver of San Francisco…

…another certified nursing assistant saw Fajardo standing on the right side of the resident’s bed with a “pillow over the resident’s face,” the report said. When he raised the pillow, she saw his fingers “pinching the resident’s nose.” When she screamed “what are you doing?” he ran from the building.

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It’s a nightmare straight out of a horror film — a “sum of all fears” for aging parents who are determined to age safely at home as long as possible.

The California Department of Public Health has fined the San Francisco Nursing Center $100,000 after an investigation found the nursing home responsible for “a systemic failure” to “monitor, supervise and evaluate Fajardo’s hiring, training, and orientation process.”

The report also found that the nursing home was aware that Fajardo did not have any experience working with the elderly in any kind of care facility. Even so, after a two-week orientation and training period, Fajardo was assigned to provide care for 7 patients without any direct supervision. That was his very first day on the job, and the day he allegedly murdered his elderly victim by smothering her face with a pillow.

You can check out the official incident report from the California Department of Public Health here.


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: “Like you dropped down into Hell”

This is a nursing home abuse and neglect story that will keep you awake at night — PRAYING that you or your aging parent will never experience the elderly abuse and neglect that Una Rosekind lived through…

…She was placed in front of a blaring TV, where she sat in her wheelchair for hours, blocked from leaving by another patient placed in front of her…. During the night, she said she rang the buzzer to get help using the bathroom, but nobody came… The following morning, she said she continued to press her buzzer… She missed breakfast and only got help after a maintenance worker heard her yelling…

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Una Rosekind’s nightmare at the Schervier Nursing Care Center started when she was transferred from the first floor rehab unit to the third-floor long-term care ward. She originally entered the facility to recover from a broken back.

Click here to read more about her ordeal — and how the nursing home schemed to keep her as a paying patient.

Fair warning: don’t do it before you go to bed.


New Study May Help Avoid Elder Abuse and Financial Elder Abuse

It’s no secret that older adults who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia are extremely susceptible to elder abuse and financial elder abuse. This is especially true before a formal diagnosis is made, when no one is aware just how vulnerable an aging parent’s failing memory or judgement has made them to exploitation.

Now a study out of the University of California, San Francisco finds that one of the early signs of dementia is difficulty detecting lies and sarcasm.

…the research should help raise awareness of the fact that severe gullibility can actually be an initial symptom of dementia — something that might help more patients be correctly diagnosed and receive earlier treatment.

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So if you notice that an aging parent or loved one isn’t picking up on sarcastic remarks — or has become uncharacteristically gullible — don’t just write it off to old age. If your elderly parent is indeed showing signs of early stage dementia, it’s better to know BEFORE some con makes them their next victim.


Shocking But True Case of Elder Abuse and Neglect in Florida

Disgusting. That’s the only way to describe this story out of elder abuse and neglect out of Florida…

A Pensacola man accused of leaving his mother, who needs help caring for herself, home alone while he attended a college football championship game has been sentenced to 24 months of probation.

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Apparently, this “caregiver” thought it would be okay to leave his 88-year old mother, who suffers from dementia and bad hearing, alone while he left town for a football game?

And it’s not like he didn’t thing ahead: He left posters around the home instructing his mother how to take care of herself and find her way around the house. Oh, and he left food in the refrigerator. So thoughtful.

In fact, he was such a good son, that when he called home and his mother didn’t answer, he called the police to check on her. Which is how he ended up in court. The police had to break into the house, where they found his mother in alive in bed. Lucky for her — and him.


Minnesota Bill Adds Elder Abuse to State’s Offender Registry

Lawmakers in Minnesota are on the verge of making it easier to track nursing home workers who are convicted of violating the state’s Criminal Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult laws.

“Sadly we’re finding that there’s been an increase in abuse of our elderly, and those that maybe either have mental health issues, or simply have physical disabilities…We have to step up our game in Minnesota to address this rise in abuse…”

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Long-term care workers convicted of elder abuse would be automatically be added to the Minnesota Predatory Offender Registry. And that’s where they belong. Elder abusers are criminal predators. And the easier it is to track them, the safer you or your aging parents will be.

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